Located Up North

We like to keep our data close to home, which is why our data location is Manchester.

Our servers are located in the heart of Manchester's digital eco-system which gives us access to the best possible connectivity and local services.  Known locally as the "Knowledge Quarter" it is ideally placed next to other large hosting centres who share expertise and support services to ensure the best possible environment for all of our clients.

Being in Manchester allows us to access some of the best young talent around, but not pay the London premium for location.  We make the most of the local universities and put something back into the community by offering an apprenticeship scheme as well!


It's not so grim up North...

We've got all the features and ongoing support you need for a growing digital business!

Want To Know More?

Whether you're an existing client or want to make an enquiry before signing up, get in touch today. We're more than happy to answer any of your questions.