Optional Extras

Although our packages include everything you will need for a smooth hosting experience, sometimes some further measures are a wise idea, especially if your website handles online payments, banking or gets large peaks in activity. All of our add-ons are optional extras, ideal for webmasters who need full management, remote backups and more. We're not scared of a bit more graft!

Remote Backup

One backup not enough for you? We'll do a separate one which you will have full access to.

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Additional Bandwidth

More bandwidth? We'll see to that... We have a range of bandwidth options to suit all needs and requirements.

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Managed Hosting

If you choose to host with us we can also take control of the daily management of your servers and complete day-to-day maintenance tasks for you.

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SSL to secure your site, orders completed within hours, guaranteed and maintained by us.

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Mircrosoft SQL

When Express is not quite cutting the mustard, talk to us about a cheap rental license on a full Microsoft SQL Server.

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Need Anything Else?

All of our add-ons are designed to give you the extra time, security or power where you need it. If you see something you like or want to ask about something else regarding your hosting with us, get it touch.

Your Package Already Includes...

All of the fundamentals that you need to host with us successfully are included in your Northern Bloc package, whether you've signed up for the top tier server or our start platform. Remember, all our add-ons are optional extras.