Need More Byte?

If you find that your website requires more bandwidth than the amount we offer in our plans, then we can provide you with extra bandwidth to suit your needs.  We'll always have an option to accommodate you.

Additional Bandwidth

We have a range of bandwidth options to suit all needs and requirements. Simply choose the level that bests suits you and we will get started with your new bandwidth amount.

All our servers come with at least a 1000GB of bandwidth by default, which is a tonne of data, probably more than you’ll need.  But if your site hosts lots of large files or a lot of video content, you might need a little bit extra.

Get More Data

Getting more data is easy; simply tell us that you'd like to order more and when. We'll get back to you with some proposed options and add the quote you like to your regular monthly bill. We're also happy to offer some expert opinion on the requirements of your website.

We've Got You Covered

Remember to make the most of the support you get with Northern Bloc. If you see any optional add-ons on our website or have something else in mind you'd like to ask about, drop us a message or call and we'll come up with the right solution for you.