Secure Those Sockets

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security technology that creates an encrypted connection between a server and a browser. Creating a secure connection on your website an SSL certificate is essential, even for your SEO. We offer Free Unlimited SSL Certificates to all of our hosting customers, but if you're looking for an ultra seal of security with a GlobalSign badge of authority to put on your website, we offer GlobalSign SSL Certification as a premium option.

Premium SSL

Why Get Certified?

SSL Certification will make your website more secure and this is displayed in the browser's address bar as a padlock icon and your URL will display as HTTPS instead of the now-dreaded HTTP. This gives your website visitors the peace of mind that they are using a secure website, especially now that some browsers have started flagging non-HTTPS websites as "non-secure". This has further implications for your website's SEO, as user visit numbers and level of engagement decreases. SSL certification was also introduced into Google's search algortithm in 2014 as a marker of site quality, meaning SSL has become an important factor in Google rankings. 


Secure Site Seals

Our premium certificates are arranged with GlobalSign, who also supply site seals for websites using their SSL. GlobalSign SSL Secure Site Seals reassures visitors' that their information is kept in a secure environment and authenticated by a trusted Certificate Authority. 


globalsign seals example


Your sales and marketing department will love it. 

Time to get Certified

Want to include premium SSL certification and the illustrious padlock with your hosting package? Please make sure to mention it in your enquiry.

If you are an existing customer, all we need is the go-ahead from you and approval of the certificate in your inbox.

We've Got You Covered

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