For when you need a little space..

Whilst our cloud based hosting platform offers excellent flexibility and expand-ability, sometimes you need to know that your server is just yours, and that's where our dedicated servers come into play.

Your Hardware

You pick the spec, we buy the kit.  We will work with you to choose the exact specification you need for your server, and then buy and install the server for you.  You'll get the power you need, without having to worry about buying the right bits or putting it together.


Dedicated Support

Our support team will add your server to our systems, and treat it like one of our own.  We treat our servers like our babies, and yours will be no different, with regular maintenance and check ups performed by one of our experienced technicians.  It's your server, but we'll take care of it.


Sensible Contracts

There's no enormous minimum contract, we only ask that you commit to 12 months of our services to cover the large amount of work we have to put in to get your server running.


Mega Bandwidth

No messing here, you'll get direct access to our back bone connection.  We'll work with you to arrange the bandwidth you need, whether that's an un-metered 100mbit link, or 1000GB of bandwidth per month.


Enhanced Security

All our servers are managed through our hardware firewalls, but dedicated servers get a little extra love.  We'll run your hardware on our monitoring and intrusion detection systems for free, and we'll make sure nobody messes with your kit.


Let's Crack On

If you’d like to know more about our dedicated servers, or simply get the ball rolling, get in touch today!

It's not so grim up North...

With Northern Bloc, you can purchase by the amount of power you need and all features will be included;
whether you sign-up for 2gb or 16gb of RAM.