Our Data Centre

Our Data Centre

We like to keep our data close to home, which is why our data centre is located in central Manchester.

You can be rest assured your data is safe and secure with us. We have a team of reliable and committed engineers who take expert care of our facilities and equipment.

Our data centre is constantly updated with the most recent technology and software your business needs.

We have measures in place to ensure your servers stay up and running no matter what the situation.

This includes high tech fire containment systems and environmental management solutions.

Your data is of the highest importance to us, which is why we make sure to provide all the facilities, equipment and security measures to safeguard it 24/7, 365 days a year. 


The Techie Bit

Northern Bloc servers are hosted in dedicated rack space within the Manchester Techno Park alongside some of the UKs biggest web hosts.  Our facility incorporates 24/7 manned security, with secure locks and codes to access all parts of the building.  And just to be extra safe, each server is also securely locked by code.

Network connections are plentiful in the centre of Manchester, and four separate lines connect the building to the internet, with two completely separate circuits providing the bandwidth.  It would take nothing short of a biblical disaster to push us offline!

Fire suppression and alarm systems are state of the art, and designed to flood the hosting centre with fire suppressing gas in the unlikely event that a fire occurs.

We didn't scrimp on the power systems either, dual redundant battery backups ensure short power interruptions do not affect any of our systems.  And should a longer interruption occur we have diesel generators that can take over in a few seconds notice, and power themselves for a week!  Extra fuel can also be shipped in, and with both generators running we can stay online for weeks with no mains electricity.




Have any questions about Northern Bloc or want to know more about one of our packages? Send any enquiries through to us using the contact form below or call 0330 113 2082.