The Benefits of Cloud Hosting

The Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Unlike dedicated hosting, websites using cloud hosting are not sitting on one physical server. Instead, they are powered by multiple (“virtual”) servers on a cloud computing environment. This makes a great solution for start-ups or small businesses who want to get up and running without the expense, expertise and time needed to manage a physical server. So what else are the benefits of cloud hosting when a private server sounds like the traditional method?

These are the main benefits of cloud hosting:

More Bang for your Buck (conditional)
Rather than running a full dedicated server setup for maximum capacity, cloud hosting customers can pay via a subscription model, whereby customers pay for the amount of power needed each month and not the expensive hardware. The amount of power you pay for too can be easily changed as a business grows or downsizes meaning you only ever pay for what you need. However, (and this is where the condition comes in) if you have predictable, regular levels of demand, your costs may work out better on a dedicated server.

It’s Very Flexible
With cloud hosting it’s easy to switch from 200GB of space to 1,000GB overnight. Or if you decide 750GB is too much, scaling back to 400GB is just a matter of picking up the phone to your hosting provider and asking. This works out great for growing businesses or simplifying their processes.

It’s More Environmental
If you’re keen on sustainable solutions then cloud hosting is one really effective way you can make a difference. The very nature in which cloud hosting works means multiple businesses are served by the same set of servers, instead of one per company. This equates to a massive carbon footprint reduction at the data centre.

It’s Secure
With cloud hosting data can be backed up remotely, so there’s less reason to panic about stolen data if a laptop or mobile hone goes missing – because the data is stored in the cloud. Anything else can be wiped from your devices. Being part of the cloud also means receiving automatic software and security updates. This is the responsibility of your provider which means you’re safe in the knowledge that your security is in the hands of experts.

---The Limitations---
The type of hosting you need is dependent on your company’s IT infrastructure, so it would be dishonest to make out that cloud hosting is perfect for everyone. If the applications you have were originally designed to run on a dedicated server, then it’s going to be difficult getting this moved over to the cloud. You may also have a need for much greater security, in which case dedicated may be better for you.


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