The Importance of Site Speed

The Importance of Site Speed

Today, people spend a significant chunk of their time online. We use the internet throughout the day for a variety of practical reasons and quick satisfaction.

In a time when internet users have many choices, it’s important for a website to stand out.

Great design and cool features are essential, but if the website isn’t fast enough, it might turn people away. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of site speed!

SEO Impact

Search Engine Optimization makes your site easier to find on platforms like Google. The higher your ranks, the more visibility your site will enjoy. If your SEO scores are poor, your website will end up at the bottom of the list. Many people think that content is the best way to optimize SEO. While this is true, speed is also another important factor.

This happens because slow loading times are noticeable by both Google bots and real users who will: explore less of your site, spend less time on each page, interact with the site less and perhaps never return. All of these instances add up as aggregated data that negatively affect all of these important markers of a quality site to Google’s algorithm: all visitors’ time spent on site, number of pages explored and engagements.

User Experience

A slow website can turn people away fast. The attention span of the average online visitor is quite short. If a page takes too long to load, the user experience will suffer. To refresh your memory, “user experience” is what your viewer will think of your website. Is it easy to navigate? Is the content easy to read? Is the interface responsive and user-friendly? Even with an attractive website, a slow performance impacts the user experience negatively. This can go as far as affecting your reputation and trustworthiness.

Conversion rates

A quick and responsive website can do wonders for your conversion rates. Fast e-commerce websites can be more conducive to impulse sales and smooth transactions. Conversely, slow sites can turn customers away. A clunky ordering process can discourage people from finalizing their purchase. They will abandon their cart and visit a faster online shop instead!

How to improve website speed

It is possible to improve the speed of a website through smart design solutions. Avoid loading your pages with plugins, link shorteners or re-directs. These can be quite heavy!

Certain scripts, redundant data or large image files can also slow down a website. If you want to make things better, there are several options at your disposal. You can improve the speed of a website by relying on great content delivery networks, as well as using reliable hosting.


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