The Northern Powerhouse

The Northern Powerhouse

The Northern Powerhouse represents an area that was key in the industrial revolution, an economy of 15 million consumers, £60 Billion exports of goods per annum. to over 100 countries, 175,000 business investors and booming industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, energy and digital services. We’re proud to be one of the many working cogs in this incredible machine and want to centre our efforts on helping folks in the start-up or small business position that’s all too familiar to us and get you on the right track.  


 The Northern Powerhouse is growing in opportunities and mass markets that we want to support you in reaching.

More Juicy Stats & Facts
- In 2014, the combined gross value added (GVA) of the Northern Powerhouse was £304 billion, which would make our Northern Economy the eighth largest in the EU if it was a country.

- The Northern Powerhouse accounts for more than 25% of the UK’s manufacturing output. Including 42% of the whole of the UK’s car production in 2015.

- In 2015, 45% of the UK’s medicinal exports where from the Northern Powerhouse.

- Last year, the RSA reported that 18% of the UK’s tech workers are based in the North of England. In fact, Manchester is the UK’s biggest tech hub outside of London.

- Manchester is getting a new £110 Million Theatre called The Factory.


Although there are some clear strengths in the Northern Powerhouse, every region comes with its challenges, and these are some of the biggest in the North today:

- Research shows that connectivity is strongly linked with productivity, and there’s definite room for improvement in the North’s transport networks. (keep an eye out for “High Speed 3”).

- The Northern economy has a bigger skills gap relative to the rest of the UK.

- The UK’s regional inequality is bigger than in any other G7 country. For example, the difference in productivity between London and Manchester is double that of the two largest cities in Japan and Germany.


It’s Personal
To us, the Northern Powerhouse isn’t just a growing economy; it’s an exciting place to live and work. We are very much a product of the North and its advancements in growth and technology.

We’ve lived, studied and developed in the North and worked with many other businesses here whose goals, challenges and victories resonate with our own. We’re passionate about helping other businesses seize the opportunities that are here, share our experience of what it takes to succeed and offer solutions that allow you to focus on the day-to-day and not the basic infrastructures that are needed to get you on your way.


Northern Powerhouse was also the name of an album in 2017 by rock band Sandra’s Wedding. Andrew Percy, Minister for the Northern Powerhouse, loved it.


Are you a Northern Business making the most of the opportunities at your doorstep?

Let's get cracking!





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