Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve taken down dozens of the popular queries we get and answered for you here. If you can’t find an answer you’re looking for, feel free to drop a query via our contact form. If you are an existing client of ours, you will get a quicker response by logging in and contacting us via our support page.

We've got the answers for you...
What locations do you offer your service to?

Although we are based and deeply rooted in England’s Northern economy, we offer hosting anywhere in the UK, EU, AUS, US & CA.

How much does it cost?

All prices can be found on each hosting type page. They are dependent on the amount of power you require but as rule of thumb vary from £65 to £200 per month.

What’s the timetable for getting started?

After your initial enquiry, we will send you a quote within 24 hours. Once we receive confirmation that you’re happy to proceed, we will send you a contract for agreement and set you up on our server within 48 hours of the signed contract being received. From there you're ready to go and will be invoiced at the end of every month.

What makes you different from the others?

We’ve been in your shoes; growing a business that needs solid hosting with no fuss, and the know-how to deliver that to you smoothly on a monthly basis. We understand your requirements for speed, security and the up-time that a business needs, and work tirelessly to make our systems as bullet-proof as possible.

Do I need technical expertise to use hosting?

Clients would typically look for web hosting with the help of an internal IT department that knows all of your technical requirements in detail. If this is not available we will schedule a longer call with you to work out everything you will need from your hosting platform, and recommend a suitable Northern Bloc package for you from there.  

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting is a method of spreading the load of hosting across multiple servers to provide additional power and reliability.  This allows users to minimize costs by sharing virtual space on one physical server, but all files are kept completely separate with security measures in place to prevent any interference in performance between hosted sites. Because of this virtual space, cloud hosting is extremely flexible when it comes to growing or shrinking in size as you need.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Sometimes you just want your own hardware.  There's something satisfying knowing that you have your own physical server sitting in a data centre ready to do your bidding.  We will get you your own physical server and set it up for you in our data centre.  Because it is just for you it can take a little bit longer than normal, we don't always have stock on hand for all configurations.  But within a few days you'll be up and running!  Our dedicated servers are all sourced directly from Dell and come with an unlimited guarantee:  If it breaks, we'll fix it, forever.

What is Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting is exactly how it sounds – you can leave the day-to-day management jobs and maintenance to us. At Northern Bloc, we offer managed hosting as an add-on service, at a £50 flat rate fee.  

What is SSL?

SSL (secure sockets layer) is a standard security certificate for your website, recommended for websites dealing with customer transactions. Website visitors will recognise SSL certification as a HTTPS URL in green, with a green padlock in the browser search bar. Following updates to Google’s search algorithms in 2014, SSL certification became a necessary SEO step. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a set of digital marketing tactics to improve website ranking in search engines. 

What support do you offer?

Our client support system is checked 24-hours a day. Simply use our contact form on our support page to open a support ticket. These queries go straight to our support team who will triage your case and get back to you within 24-hours.

Are you available 24/7?

All support tickets are checked 24/7, however, only very urgent issues will be attended to outside of normal working hours (9am-5pm), Mon-Fri. Everything within normal working hours will be responded to as soon as possible. 

How else can I contact you?

If you're an existing customer and need help, the quickest way to get assistance is via the email support system here. This will go directly to our technical support staff and you will be allocated a ticket for quick and efficient processing of all support queries. If you need to talk about something non-urgent or are not a customer and would like to know more about Northern Bloc services, please call 0330 113 2082 or email us at

Where are you based?

Our data centre and HQ are located in centre of Manchester. We are not a walk-in office; all initial enquiries are processed via telephone and our contact form.

Where will my data be stored?

Your data will be stored in central Manchester, the capital of the North. Network connections are plentiful here – we use four internet connections and two separate connections for the bandwidth. Here, your data is kept extremely secure, with 24/7 manned security, formal identification, various passcodes, fire suppressing gas and dual battery and generator backup (meaning we can run with no mains electricity for weeks if something was to happen). 

How secure is your hosting?

Security is our absolute priority and why many businesses choose to work with us. With Northern Bloc, your data is protected by state of the art alarm systems, multiple access codes, formal identification, 24/7 manned security and advanced fire suppression (just in case something freakish was ever to happen). We use dual redundant battery backups as an ultimate fail-safe mechanism which can power itself for weeks with no mains electricity if needed. Yep, we take security very seriously! 

How can I find the best hosting option for me?

Tell us what you need from your hosting. What is it supporting? How much web traffic do you receive a month? What is the function of your website? Are there particular times of year where you have an upsurge? The more you can tell us about your website and how it is used, the better we can pair you up with the right package. We have a form of questions you can fill here. 

What other services do you have?

Northern Bloc is solely a web hosting platform. However, we do offer additional bolt-on services for any hosting package that you sign-up for. These include Managed Hosting, Remote Backup, SSL Certification, Microsoft SQL and expanding your bandwidth.  

How do I get a quote?

Simply drop us a call or send an enquiry using our contact form. The more you can tell us about your requirements the better. Useful information would be: How many websites you want to host, whether or not you're an agency, whether you prefer virtualized or dedicated hardware and if you're moving existing servers. If you're not sure, we can help.

What sort of contracts do you offer?

All of our packages work like a monthly subscription. Any bolt-on services e.g. remote backup, managed hosting and SSL will be added to your regular bill, which you will receive at the end of each month. These are 1-month rolling contracts that can be ended anytime with 30 days notice. 

How do I make a payment?

At the end of each month, you will be emailed an invoice with our bank details for direct bank transfer and a link to pay by Credit Card using Stripe. Alternatively you can set up a Direct Debit via GoCardless. The choice is yours!

When are my payments due?

All invoice payments are due within 30 days of receipt.

What if a payment is late?

Once your 30 days to pay has expired, we will contact you to arrange payment before your hosting is cancelled. We obviously want to prevent any unexpected downtime on your site, so to prevent this from happening we will send you a couple of reminders within the 30-day payment period. If you think a payment is going to be late, please call and we'll discuss it over a brew.

What if I want to cancel?

For a cloud server, tell us you’d like to cancel 30 days before the next monthly cycle. For a dedicated server, you can cancel anytime after 12 months. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated too!