All you can eat SSL with Northern bloc

Want to encrypt your server-to-browser connection for FREE? With our FREE SSL Certification alongside your Northern Bloc hosting package, you can cross off the essential SSL tick box at no extra cost. We offer a FREE unlimited number of certificates as standard for all of our customers, and if you're looking for an ultra seal of security you can opt for our Premium SSL with GlobalSign. 

Unlimited Free SSL

Why is it Free?

We offer free Unlimited SSL Certificates from the Let's Encrypt certificate authority, which is founded and sponsored by multiple global industry bodies and companies, including Cisco Systems, the Mozilla Foundation, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Akamai Technologies.

These SSL Certificates are just as secure and supported to the the same level as our premium certificates, and are ideal for independent developers, SMEs and e-commerce websites. 


What are the Drawbacks?

There really aren't any. We offer Premium SSL Certification for customers who prefer our alternative SSL supplier GlobalSign. GlobalSign also have "seals" or "trust badges" you can display on your website to showcase some authority and an extra level of security.

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Our SSL offers are for Northern Bloc Hosting customers only. If you are an existing customer looking for more certificates or SSL support, please visit Customer Support. If you are considering moving to Northern Bloc and have any questions, please use the contact form below. 

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